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KBS World Radio - The 8th Korean Language Speech Contest

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Send us a video of the places you would like to visit in Korea with your friends or romantic interest, telling us why! 

Huge prizes are in store for you! KBS WORLD Radio’s 8th Korean Language Speech Contest “Visit Korea Riding the K-Pop Wave!” begins now!


1. Contest Schedule

- June 28 - July 26 (4 weeks): Preliminary Round Application Begins 

- August 9: Preliminary Results (Announcement of TOP 10)

-  In August: Final Round (TOP 10)

- August 9 - 16: Most Popular Video Award

- August 23: Announcement for Popularity and Early Bird Award Winners

- October 9: Special Program & Announcement of Winners 

 2. Topic (Choose one of the two topics below.)

 a. A Korean destination you want to visit the most

 b. A Korean destination you discovered through KBS WORLD Radio that you want to visit

3. Awards & Prizes

- 1st Place (1 winner): 4 million KRW (approx. $3,000 USD) / Certification for 1st Place

- 2nd Place (1 winner): 1.5 million KRW / Certification for 2nd Place

- 3rd Place (1 winner): 1 million KRW / Certification for 3rd Place

- Award of Excellence (3 winners): Souvenir worth 200,000 KRW for each winner

- Popularity & Early Bird Award (one winner for each award): Souvenirs worth 100,000 KRW for each winner

      * The Early Bird Award will be awarded to the earliest submitted video.

      * The prize money will be wired after it is exchanged into dollars (USD) at the exchange rate prevailing on the day of the transfer. As such, the prize money amount may differ depending on the exchange rate.

      * The winner is responsible for the transfer fee, which will be deducted from the prize money before the transfer.


4. Eligibility

- Foreign nationals living outside of Korea are eligible. (Naturalized Koreans and foreign nationals of Korean descendants are not eligible.)

- Participants residing in Europe must be 16 years of age or older, or over the minimum age set by their respective home countries.


5. For other inquiries please contact:

For more information: Click Here