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[84TH TOPIK - UTAH LOCATION ONLY] Extended registration for UTAH only

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As there are less than 20 people in Utah location,  we decide to extend registration for UTAH ONLY. 

If you still want to register for Utah location, please fill out the application and send it through email.

Submission requirement : Application / Photo (3X4, JPEG or JPG) / Fee (check or cash only)

How to apply : 

1. You have to submit your application and photo by August 11th, 17:00 through email (

2. After you submit your application and photo, you have to send fee (cash or check) to "KECSF(TOPIK), 3500 Clay street, SF, CA 94118".

**The name for the check is "KECSF" or "Korean Education Center in SF".

3. As soon as we get all required documents and location will be opened, we will send confirmation email.

If you have any question, feel free to contact 415-590-4058.