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08/09/&08/11/2023 Official Visit of Superintendent from Chungnam Office of Education to San Francisco Korean Consulate General and UC Berkeley

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8/9/ & 8/11.2023 Superintendent Ji Chul Kim, from the Chungnam Office of Education embarked on an official visit to the San Francisco Korean Consulate General and UC Berkeley.

The superintendent engaged in a meaningful conversation with Consul General Sang Soo Yoon, exchanging valuable insights and experiences and fostering a productive dialogue on enhancing the educational systems in Korea and abroad. Furthermore, the discussions delved into the Korean population policy and its implications for the future, exploring strategies to address demographic challenges and ensure sustainable economic growth through well-informed policies and initiatives.

During his visit to UC Berkeley, the superintendent was exposed to the academic excellence and rigorous standards of Korean education.Of particular note was his visit to the university's archives, where he encountered invaluable ancient documents including his own essay, on which he promptly signed, underscoring the importance of preserving and recognizing academic achievements.