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The73rd TOPIK in Colorado and San Francisco

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We just held the 73rd TOPIK test while cleaning up thoroughly beforehand and practicing social distancing rigorously on Nov 14 in San Francisco and Colorado.
glad to be able offer the test for those who are in need under this pandemic while observing the regulations for all's safety and health.

Also Sanitation services are provided.

(1) All of the students are required to wear a face mask and check their body temperature before entering the room.
** One TOPIK staff checked each student’s body temperature with a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer.
** Those who have a fever or flu symptoms weren't be allowed to enter the room.

(2) Each student sat on his/her own reserved seat in the classroom with no contact with any person (social distancing), take the test, and left the classroom after the test.
(3) Additional KF-94 face mask and a bottle of 70% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer were placed on the desk of each student to use.